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Comprehensive Wealth Planning & Investment Management

Designed for You - Not Everyone Else

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Saying We’re Fiduciaries Means Nothing

Without Proving Ourselves First

At Venice Wealth Partners we believe wholeheartedly in following through on our commitments. In our fiduciary role and responsibility, we place the needs of our clients above our own and do so through the personalization of our wealth planning and management solutions.

Instead of providing products that may assist you in your journey, we build relationships that begin by understanding what’s important to you and how we can help. Then, we tailor solutions to empower you to make impactful decisions.

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As a Boutique Firm, We Custom Tailor

A Comprehensive Wealth Strategy for You

Building on a financial planning foundation, we weave in your goals and concerns to craft a strategy that reflects your values and structure investment portfolios that can weather any market cycle. As independent investment managers, we are not limited to a particular family of mutual funds or specific products. We embrace the fiduciary standard to place the client’s interests first and foremost and we are a fee-only advisor.

Our investment strategy focuses on capturing market-based returns using mutual funds and ETFs. The portfolio construction process begins by screening the investable universe and selecting appropriate holdings for each client. We believe underlying fund costs are important and performance matters as well. There are opportunity costs for poor choices such as sitting on too much cash or not selling losing positions.

Transparent Conversations Lead to Sound Strategies

You may find yourself asking questions related to:

Goals-Based Retirement Planning

Income & Long-Term Care Planning

Multi-Generational Wealth Planning & Transfer

Risk Management

Charitable Giving

Minimizing Taxes

Receiving a Second Opinion